Game Audio Coaching & Mentorship

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Game Audio Coaching & Mentorship


A 1-hour 1-on-1 coaching session with me where we can discuss:

  • Getting paid what you're worth in the game industry
  • A plan of attack that will drastically increase your chances of getting gigs
  • Creating meaningful and emotionally resonant music/sound for games
  • Adding video game scoring/sound design to your already existing audio design business
  • And much more
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Breaking in to the game industry, especially as an audio professional, can be incredibly difficult. There are very few resources out there for anyone that goes beyond the basics, and even so, what is out there is questionable at best.

I have spent over 8 years in the game industry as a professional composer/sound designer and have a huge passion for helping people break in to and improve their businesses within this field. 

Over the years, I have learned what works, and what doesn’t. It may come as no surprise to you that the commonly shared tactics, tips, and business strategies that are out there are already obsolete.

I am constantly trying new techniques and getting rid of old ones and passing them on to my clients. You will get all of the best stuff out there with no fluff. Only the stuff that will work for you and your business.

If you are:

  • A composer/sound designer who is not in the industry but who would like to break in, improve your skill set, and start getting your first projects
  • In the game industry, but are looking to land your dream job and need a plan of attack to achieve it
  • Struggling to find consistent paying work in the game industry
  • Working in other forms of media (film, TV, commercials, etc), and would like to add game scoring/sound design to your business without the headache of learning an entirely new industry from scratch

Then this coaching program is for you!


How does this work?

Simple! All you need to do is purchase a session on this page, and then I’ll email you so we can set up a time for our first coaching call. Sessions are held over Skype and are 1-hour in length. There will also be follow-ups and check-ins via email to make sure you are on the right path.

What will you get?

  • One 1-hour meeting/Skype call
  • A custom-tailored plan that will help you get the projects you want, get paid, and keep the work coming
  • Full access to me and the ability to ask any questions that may pop up in between sessions

If you are looking to break in to the game industry, all the while avoiding the common pitfalls and mistakes that almost everyone makes when they first start out, or if you are looking to drastically improve your business and earning potential as a game audio designer, then sign up on this page by purchasing a coaching session.

P.S. All of my coaching clients receive follow-up emails from me to ensure that they are on the right path and will have full access to me to ask any questions that may pop up. 

P.P.S. If you are not 100% satisfied with your coaching session, then let me know within 24 hours and you’ll get a full refund.


Testimonials from previous coaching clients:

In a ridiculously short period of time, Akash has radically improved my ability to price and position myself in the game industry. I highly recommend his mentorship to anyone looking to upgrade their career!
— Tony Manfredonia
Akash embodies the definition of a game industry professional. After meeting him following his strong presentation at RTX, it was clear that he was someone whom I would want to keep in contact with. As one of the initial participants of Akash’s Game Audio Mentorship program, I was immensely pleased by the level of insight, quality, and professionalism in both his assignments and responses during the program. I would definitely recommend Akash for any project, and I look forward to what he has in store for the future.
— Randall Robbins, Project Manager
Akash’s Game Audio Mentorship was incredibly helpful to me, as a student, starting into sound for games. There was excellent advice on professional networking and habit formation, that has already benefitted me. Throughout the whole program, Akash delivered detailed, personalized feedback, and made himself very approachable.
— Ryan Baldwin, Sound Designer
Akash is a total wizard. He has incredible insight into all aspects of game audio and game business, and openly and enthusiastically shares his knowledge with us. Each weekly lesson is filled with rich information and various techniques, tidbits, and practices to help all of us reach our respective goals, and beyond. His feedback on each assignment is incredibly in-depth and is catered to our individual needs, which furthers the fact that Akash not only knows what he’s talking about, but also really cares about teaching and helping others.

It is clear that Akash is someone who constantly strives to stay ahead of the curve on game audio and business, and is someone who enjoys teaching others about these fields. I would highly recommend to any game audio professional (of any experience level) that they take Akash’s Game Audio Mentorship!
— Jacob Pernell, Composer/Sound Designer, Director of the Edinburgh Game Symposium
Having been friends with Akash while we attended Berklee College of Music together, and experiencing his leadership and wealth of knowledge as President of the Video Game Music Club my expectations were quite high for his video game mentorship program. There was no disappointment to be had, as I was treated to Guru quality motivational exercises, practical industry advice, an array of personal feedback, and ample opportunities to push and challenge myself. Best of all, it resulted in not only some interesting areas of personal development, but a few new job opportunities. Akash has helped me help myself in new ways, and the experience has been fun, satisfying, and inspiring. Each week I was pleasantly surprIsed at how useful the assIgnments were, and I’m a rather hard person to impress. I may already have been a perfectly successful audIo professional, but there’s always so much room for growth, and that’s exactly what Akash abundantly delivered!
— Joshua Cohen, Composer & Sound Designer, Sonicframe Productions
Studying under Akash has taught me a wealth of critical information that I was missing. Before his mentorship, I had assumed the idea of being successful with audio was not possibly within my reach. Within just a few weeks of lessons, however, everything has changed. Akash professes very tangible, real-world techniques that demystify much of the business and work-ethic areas of audio that are key to producing results. Just a few days after the final assignment, I landed a short mixing gig using exactly what I had learned from him - that should speak for itself.
— Travis Morgan, Composer/Sound Designer
Akash has a wealth of knowledge about the game audio industry, and is more than willing to share it with everyone. He covers various aspects of the industry in great detail and makes it fun and interesting.
— Terry Williams, Composer/Sound Designer
When I first saw the information about the game audio mentorship from Akash, I got really excited! The type of information that Akash offered is not something you see very often. When the first assignments arrived I was truly impressed with the direction this mentorship was going. Not only did we organize and focus on our goals, but Akash gave us the tools to actually achieve them. We covered everything from writing great emails to developing health and long-lasting habits. All the information was extremely organized and really well presented. I truly recommend this mentorship to anyone, regardless if you’re a veteran or new to the industry.
— Carl Matthes, Composer/Sound Designer
In January of 2012, I just finished up an audio internship with a video game company. I was so proud of my work there, but I really wasn’t sure if game audio was a career I wanted to pursue. However, my passion was for the field was quickly rekindled when I saw Akash’s game audio panel at MagFest later that month. Never before had I met someone so openly enthusiastic and enamored with their work. When I got home from the convention, I took the time to email Akash with questions about getting into game audio. He has been like a mentor to me ever since. To this day, he is one of the most kind, helpful, and knowledgeable people I know. I can with 100% confidence that if it wasn’t for Akash, I wouldn’t be as inspired to work in game audio as I am today.
— Mike Thal, Composer/Audio Engineer
I’ve been to many of Akash’s talks during his time leading the Video Game Music Club at Berklee, and they always motivate both as a musician and as a person. In addition to tips about audio and music he provided during his mentorship program, Akash also brings attention to often neglected yet important topics, like keeping a healthy lifestyle, maintaining productivity, networking techniques, and work/life balance. I’m glad I’m able to be part of Akash’s mentorship program, because I don’t think I would have gained the kinds of knowledge he taught me anywhere else.
— David Lin, Composer/Sound Designer
I’ve always been confident in my ability to write and record music, but my business sense has taken a back seat. Akash’s mentoring program not only taught me simple and intelligent ways to manage the networking and financial aspects of game audio work, but also how to create better habits and a healthier lifestyle. He explains all of the simple details that most of us glance over when trying to be successful.
— Mike Skalandunas, Composer
Across the years, Akash has been a great friend, valuable colleague and at different points of time regarding different fields, a pleasantly quick study or patient mentor. When it comes to game audio, his knowledge about industry standards is deep, yet he’s not afraid to innovate and find a more exacting solution to a problem given a certain set of resources or limitations.
— Falk Au Yeong, Audio Engineer, Video Game Orchestra
I couldn’t have predicted the impact that the Game Audio Mentorship program Akash ran would have on me. The information and advice on those aspects of being an audio professional that I have tended to overlook, such as effective networking skills and productive working practices, has made me re-evaluate many facets of my habits and approach to work - all for the better. I can’t commend Akash highly enough for the effort and generosity he has shown in setting up and running this program.
— Michael Trott, Composer & Sound Designer
Game Audio Coaching & Mentorship
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