Do You Need to Go to School to Work in Game Audio?

Here’s a question I get all the time: “Do I have to go to college/university to get a career in game audio?”

To answer that very quickly… no. No you don’t.

But school has a lot of hidden benefits that no one really talks about. I, personally, practiced 8–10 hours a day every day for many years to get into the Berklee College of Music not just so I could get better at music, but primarily to get out of my poor socioeconomic status. It worked.

It’s not really a good idea to go to school to just get good at music/sound. You can do that on your own by studying directly under a few teachers and finding some great mentors.

However, attending school will help you build an incredible network very quickly. Providing you do the ludicrous amount of work that’s required to do so.

Can you do all of that without attending a college program? Absolutely. It’ll just take a lot more initiative on your part.

Watch my latest video on whether or not you should take a college/university program to work in game audio:

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